Consulting Services

Campaign Delivery

Whether you are new to IBM's Watson Marketing technology, have complex campaign delivery requirements or are simply overloaded with work, we can provide experienced and expert users to fulfill your short term skills gap.

Lifecycle Management

Your marketing communications should be more than single "one-hit" events. We work with you to define and build an on-going, automated dialogue with your customers, ensuring it is relevant to them.

Best Practice Design

With multiple approaches to answer the same question, our expertise and understanding of the Watson Marketing suite means that we can identify the most appropriate way for your users to get the best from your implementation.

Post Campaign Analysis

Targeted communications form a major part of your marketing expenditure and whilst increasing overall customer value is a good measure, we help you identify which initiatives give the highest return on investment.
 “Trusted Partner” is (over) used by a lot of organisations. In the case of PSC, they have proved themselves to really be that. We are small by UK standards, and I know by experience, to be a `slow burner’, but have been given the time and attention far beyond our relative size. It is very much appreciated". Elaine Comyn, Three Ireland
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